Sunday, August 28, 2016

CD/DVD Review: Director Tony Palmer Combines The Beatles & World War II In Iconic Film

One of the most eye-opening movies about World War 2 has been recently released on DVD to celebrate the film's 40th anniversary and it also features one of the greatest soundtracks of all-time. On July 15th, Gonzo Multimedia released "The Beatles And WWII" on DVD along with a 2CD soundtrack.

The movie is a mix of documentary footage and war movies made in Hollywood that covered the devastation of war beginning in 1939 with the rise of Adolf Hitler. The film covers every aspect of the war with some amazing footage that has never been released to the general public before. The only thing that softens the emotions of that terrible time in human history is the soundtrack of the music of The Beatles. Over 20 covers of songs from The Beatles appear in the movie to give background and solace to the images on the screen. As France is being overtaken by The Axis Powers, Henry Gross sings "Help!" and "A Day In The Life" performed by Frankie Valli becomes the soundtrack to the epic battle of Normandy.

While the original 1976 movie was an iconic piece of cinematic history, the soundtrack is just as iconic as it featured some of the biggest names in music performing some of the most popular songs of all time. Rock artists like Jeff Lynne, Elton John, Leo Sayer and Peter Gabriel take on Beatles' classics like "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," adding their own special touches to the songs. Female pop artists Helen Reddy, Tina Turner and Lynsey de Paul lead the march of the most important moments in the film with "Fool On The Hill," "Come Together" and "Because" respectively. Now included with this 40th anniversary release of "The Beatles and World War II" you get the entire 2CD soundtrack that features 22 cover versions of classic songs by The Beatles. To find out more about this new release, please visit

Saturday, August 27, 2016

CD Review: Kenny Neal Releases "Bloodline," Joey Stuckey Presents "Ladies Of The South" And On Dolphin Debuts In "Layers"

Coming straight off the release of his Christmas album, Kenny Neal dives right back into the blues with his latest release "Bloodline." This is a family affair as many members of Kenny Neal's family lend a hand on his new album. The new eleven-song release begins with the up-tempo "Ain't Gonna Let The Blues Die" with the nice addition of horns to give the song that extra swing. He gets down and dirty with the southern, backwater blues stroll of "Bloodline," and gracefully covers Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away." Neal lets his guitar do the talking on the funk-style of "Keep On Moving" and brings back the big blues romp of "Blues Mobile." The album closes with the laid-back acoustic blues of "I Can't Wait" and a tribute to his idol with "Thank You BB King." Kenny Neal is currently on the road, performing at the North River Blues Fest on August 28th before heading back to the west coast in September. To find out more about Kenny Neal and his latest release "Bloodline," please visit

Blind guitarist/producer, Joey Stuckey has gathered together a dozen special tracks for his latest compilation titled "Joey Stuckey Presents Ladies Of The South." It features an all-female line-up of singers that he has produced over the past 6 years. The new release begins with the Shadow Bandits featuring Sue Lu on the raw, intense rocker "What You See Ain't What You Get." Kim Meeks swings in with the jazzy feel of "Everybody's Pretty," while Vanessa Moses lays down a little Latin soul for the up-tempo "Danish Cookie Is My Name." These girls know how to rock as displayed within the punk-feel of "Lonely Boulevard" by Katherine Daniel and the album closer "Johnny 9" from TATB featuring Rachel Elkins. To find out more about this new compilation, please visit

The Bay Area, husband and wife duo of Melissa Lyn and Ryan Clark have come together under the name On Dolphin to release their debut album titled "Layers." After years of acoustic gigs in local coffee shops and cafes, Melissa had higher aspirations and Ryan was building his record business and the timing was perfect for them to collaborate on this new album. Beginning with "More Good Days," the album starts off with these wonderfully, gentle pop sounds, before diving into Melissa's exquisite song-writing with "Dance In The Kitchen" and "Worth The Drive."  Her warming vocals during "New York" will have you following her every word, before bringing out the country tones of "Together." The album finishes with the acoustic folk delivery of "Slowdown" and the lullaby feel of "Let A Little Light." To find out more about On Dolphin and their latest release "Layers," please visit

Friday, August 26, 2016

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Releases From X-Method, Iron Fire And Xaon

First up from the Bay Area comes the debut full-length album titled "Sex, Alcohol, Reel Music" from the hardcore metal thrash band X-Method. Their new sixteen-song release has a mature heavy-metal sound displayed in their opener "Denied What's Ours" and then elevates your senses with "Drink From The Horn" as the rhythm will get your blood pumping. X-Method show their softer side with the acoustic-based "Waiting 4 The Rain" and the power ballad "Addicted." They pick the energy back up with the double-kick drum thrash attack of "Triangles And Sixes" and lock into the hardcore west coast metal groove of "Southern Comfort." Their new album finishes with the screams of "Silver On My Back" and the Spanish-language metal track "No Tey Vayas." To find out more about X-Method and their latest release "Sex, Alcohol, Reel Music," please visit

Next up is the new release from the power metal band from Denmark named Iron Fire. Their latest album titled "Among The Dead," is a throwback to the heavy metal sound of the 1990's. Beginning with the title-song "Among The Dead," Iron Fist are your battle cry against the living dead during a zombie-apocalypse. The music will get your head banging as they pick up the pace with the machine gun-like drumming and electrifying guitar solo of "Tornado Of Sickness." The cries of the "Iron Eagle" and the story of "The Last Survivor" along with melodic hooks and thunderous rhythms showcase the best of what Iron Fire have to offer. To find out more about Iron Fire and their latest release "Among The Dead," please visit

Finally we arrive at the debut release from Swiss death metal band Xaon titled "Face Of Balaam." The album features only five tracks and will be released in October. Beginning with "How We Become Ephemeral Birds," their melodies and aggressive pace are a fresh breath air amongst the newness in the death metal genre. They explode with the thunderous delivery of "Discrowned" and keep the energy flowing with the screams of "The Soulcleaner," before closing with the progressive metal appeal of "Veins Like Burned Trees." To find out more about Xaon and their latest release "Face Of Balaam," please visit

Thursday, August 25, 2016

CD Review: Strange Daze "Shine Through" On New Release And Essential End Introduces "Deadwood"

American hard rock band Strange Daze will be releasing their Pavement Entertainment debut album "Shine Through" on September 2nd. Produced by .38 Special keyboardist Bobby Capps (with help from 3 Doors Down's Chris Henderson and Brian Johnson), it features a dozen tracks of great, truthful, straight-up rock. Beginning with "Satellite Soul," you feel the maturity in the band's songwriting as they blow the doors off with this opening track. The turn it up a notch with the energy of "Need You Here" as their guitars blaze a trail to the top. They slow the tempo down for the power ballad "Beautiful," before they come roaring back with the feel good anthem "Your Love" and the exciting, sing-along chorus of "Another Day." The album finishes with the intense, hard rock delivery of "I" and the emotions of "Home." To find out more about Strange Daze and their latest release "Shine Through," please visit their Facebook page at

From York, PA arrives the debut EP from heavy metal band Essential End. The new release titled "Deadwood" features only four tracks, but delivers a huge impact on mainstream metal music. The opener "Essential End" has a great metal groove, with a mixture of hardcore and nu-metal to make them more appealing to a wider heavy metal audience. They draw upon the classic hard rock groove the late eighties with "Pain," before closing their short new release with the intense, hardcore screams of "Wasted Time." To find out more about Essential End and their latest release "Deadwood," please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CD Review: Newcomers Necromancing The Stone And No Victory Release New Heavy Metal Albums

Arriving August 5th was the debut album titled "Jewel Of The Vile" from newcomers Necromancing The Stone. The name may be new, but the members of the band have all performed in other heavy metal bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and Brimstone Coven. The new crushing, eleven-song release begins with the blazing speed of "Crusher" as the dual guitars of James Malone and Justin Wood pave the way for "Big" John Williams' stellar vocals. Drummer Jeramine King and bassist Ryan Williams motor through the thunderous rhythm of "The Descent" and keep the adrenaline pumping for the intense delivery of metal for "The Siren's Call." Necromancing The Stone showcase a progressive metal feel to "Ritualistic Demise" and then continue with the hardcore thrash metal of "Unfinished Business," before closing their new album with the seven-minute metal journey of "Honor Thy Prophet" and the high-powered energy of "The Battle Of Morningstar." To find out more about Necromancing The Stone and their latest release "Jewel Of The Vile," please visit their Facebook page at

Next from Gary, Indiana comes the latest release titled "Time To Die" from heavy metal band, No Victory. It is their debut album with their latest record label, Unbeaten Records and features nine hardcore, head-bashing riffs. Beginning with the raw, thunderous rhythm of "The Enemies Remain," No Vicotry follows no rules of song structures and just delivers the energy as displayed in "Where We Go To Bleed." They dig deep for the dark tones of "The Fall Of Man" and rally the troops with the battle cry screams of "Time To Die." The album finishes with the quick pace of "Eternal Refrain Of Humanity" and the epic delivery of "God Has Failed Us." To find out more about No Victory and their latest release "Time To Die," please visit their Facebook page at